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“Dawna is an amazing friend, doula, and person!  She was there for us every step of the way while I was pregnant, during our labor, and even after.  Her knowledge, love, and passion for what she does shines through.  She really helps you explore and understand what all your options are and supports you with whatever decision you make.  She's a wealth of knowledge!!!!!

My husband relied on her expertise and support as well; she's there for everyone, because we are all a team.  I can't say enough wonderful things about her and what she means to our family.  Our little guy loves being with her even to this day! 

I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula, you will love her!!!”

- Kirstin B.

“Dawna is compassionate,  non judgmental, supportive, intuitive and wise. All of these characteristics make her an extraordinary doula and childbirth educator. I have witnessed her consistent support to women and their families in the birth community. Dawna is a strong communicator, nurturing, and extremely knowledgable about all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She's a fantastic resource for mamas who need breastfeeding support! As a birthworker myself, I highly recommend adding Dawna to your birth team. Regardless of the way your birth journey unfolds, you will leave your birth feeling HEARD, EMPOWERED, SUPPORTED, and VALUED.”

- Rebecca G.

“Dawna was at the top of my list of doulas to meet. Her bio had everything I was looking for. I really enjoyed her energy and personality upon meeting her. For me, that's a deal breaker. I enjoyed being near her. My husband and I just knew she was the one! Take the time to meet her and if she is the one, you may just know it! She spoke very openly to us; very tell-it-how-it-is. She is exactly the strong woman energy I felt I needed near me during birth. 

I was new to the area and had little resources. She was able to point me in directions I never knew to ask. This is invaluable. She knows the area very well and has the experience as a doula that made me feel comfortable. 

We were planning a HBAC (home birth after cesarean). My 2 1/2 year old daughter would be there also. It was very important that we found the right person to be support for my husband and daughter also. She was the one. My daughter grew very fond of her leading up to birth. She looked forward to our visits. I could be at ease with my daughter's position during birth with her support. Dawna helped us make our plan possible.

Leading up to birth, Dawna was a constant resource. I looked forward to our visits and felt like she was my personal cheerleader. I really needed that! She knew I could do it all along.

This was my second birth, and unlike my first one, I felt like everything flowed with all my plans and wishes respected. Everyone there was valuable. Dawna just did exactly what needed to be done while I was in "labor land". She gave me the encouragement I needed and took a load off my husbands shoulders.  She brought me drinks with a straw without being asked. She was like an amazing birth angel. Her energy is very calm, strong/confident, go with the flow, and on point! I'm obviously very happy and would hire her again. Right after birth, she made sure I was comfortable and fed. My 2 year old couldn't wait to see her again. We all looked forward to her postpartum visit. There's a reason why she is so experienced and adored by her clients.”

- Jade J.

“Dawna assisted me with the birth of my first child, a beautiful little girl we named Reese. Dawna came highly recommended from a good friend who raved about her. Leading up to Reese's birth, Dawna texted and called on a weekly basis to check in with me regarding my pregnancy at which time she gave me invaluable tips on things to do to prepare my mind and body for labor: drink raspberry tea, apply primrose oil, perform particular stretches to turn my breech baby, among others. (The baby eventually turned!)

She truly loves what she does and it shows! I called Dawna at 6am on Sunday, July 9th, the day of Reese's birth, and she arrived at my home in less than an hour. She suggested we take a long walk that proved essential in kick-starting active labor. Her calm demeanor made me feel like I was in good hands, and made me feel like what was happening to my body wasn't an emergency, but a natural process. When finally at the hospital, she provided tinctures and calming aroma sticks to assist with my nerves. While not pushy at all, she convinced me that at 9.5cm dilated, my baby was on its way and that I should try to avoid the epidural because she told me, and unbeknownst to me, pushing actually relieved pain.

The total time from first contractions that day to birth was less than 12 hours. For a first child, I will consider this a success! There were no complications and I needed no medication. I'm not sure I could have had avoided the epidural if it weren't for Dawna. She's was bright light, a guiding star leading me to as best a birth as anyone could have expected. After one week, I am almost completely healed. I am so happy we hired Dawna. My husband, who was initially skeptical about the necessity of a doula, told me how happy he was that we had Dawna and said that Dawna was "worth her weight in gold." I highly recommend Dawna to any expectant mother!”

- Rose B.

“We cannot say enough good things about Dawna. Her support was invaluable for our home birth, but her friendship wasn't limited just to birth. Dawna took the time to meet with us multiple times before our birth to talk, get to know each other, and form a relationship long before I was in labor. 

During my labor, I know I would not have stayed home and made it through my labor had it not been for the emotional support she provided. Having a doula is amazing, and Dawna is simply the best!

After our daughter was born, she visited me to see how I was doing and even helped me with some breastfeeding tips, which were priceless in those first few days. If you're considering hiring a doula, look no further! You've found a wonderful one with Dawna. She's no longer just our doula, she's a friend we are so happy to have made! xoxo”

- Lisette R.

“Dawna is incredibly dedicated to her clients and knows exactly what to say and do when they need it. She is very experienced but I believe her ability to comfort women during the vulnerable time of pregnancy & birth is innate. 
As a midwife I definitely recommend Dawna to my clients seeking a doula for additional support.”

- Christa W.

“Dawna Doula or in my mind is a labor angel/ lifelong friend. As a single mom to be Dawna provided me with amazing support and courage which was invaluable while I was going through my hectic and tiring pregnancy. I had lots of questions and feelings through out my journey and she was always there to share her experience, take the time to listen or provide me with a helpful suggestion. She was also very supportive of all of my labor choices and I felt great about having a support system in place that knew what my goals were when it came time for my Labor.

And I had a long long long labor. 37 hours long. Dawna was there by my side for all of it and more! She helped me get through the hard and scary times and with my wishes sh captured precious and priceless photo memories of my labor experience and my daughters journey of being born and entering this world. For this alone I am eternally grateful.

Every time I think of Dawna and the day my daughter was born I smile and I thank G-d that I included her in my process. She truly cares and it's clear this is her natural passion. On a spiritual level I will always feel connected to her and thus am happy to continue my friendship with her today, tomorrow and I hope always.

I just can't say enough about the Doula experience and whatever your choice may be I wish you a safe and beautiful labor.”

- Danielle H.

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