Birth Education

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Weekend Comprehensive

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We’ll meet over a Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-5pm at The Yoga Nest. The cost is $199 for you and your partner.

We’ll discuss:

Being in Labor

  • How to manage pain and discomfort

  • How your birth team can help

  • Movements and breath for active labor

  • Pushing positions

Onset of Labor

  • Last few weeks of Pregnancy

  • Tricks and tips for optimal baby positioning

  • How to recognize the onset of labor

  • Preparing physically, Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to welcome a baby into the family

  • Birth Plan & Birth Team


  • Immediate care to self & baby

  • Breastfeeding- surviving the first few weeks

  • Asking for help


Private Birth Lessons

Dawna offers private birth and labor education. Please contact her for more information and to schedule.


Pay for Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education
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I would give this angel 10 stars if I could. Dawna was our doula for our first born back in 2015 and our doula/midwife assistant for our second in 2017.
She’s supportive, empowering, knowledgeable. Her birthing classes are a MUST! My husband and I are eternally grateful for having such a wonderful soul be part of our birthing space. She just brings peace and confidence to the environment. Thanks for the gift you are Dawna!
— M. R.