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Dawna is on a mission to support and help facilitate empowering, safe birth experiences. She educates women on their choices for childbirth and introduces and informs on the midwifery model of care that birth is a normal, natural, physiological process. As a culture, we’ve become too comfortable with the modern, medical assembly line approach to birth. But there’s another path. Out of hospital birth is non-invasive, natural, and supported.

Birth Is Powerful. Let it Empower You.

Dawna walks this path along your side. From birth classes, to holding space and providing support during labor and birth, to listening and answering those new mom concerns through making sure you feel safe and supported during the postpartum period. Dawna is there.


Four beautiful souls enter the world, two, share my birthday, all caught by my own hands, the other two the early morning after… Haiti 18/11/18 - 19/11/18.  

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Dawna is There.

“There are no words to express my gratitude. The labor classes were so helpful in preparing both my husband and I, we knew what was happening every step of the way as labor progressed. During the birth, she was so helpful! Went above and beyond to help keep us focused and comfortable during and after.”

- E. B.


Meet Dawna

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10 + Years of experience

1000 + Birth Stories to Share

∞ + Hugs to Give

Dawna brings nearly 10 years of experience to birth work. She is a Midwife in training, a seasoned birth doula, internationally certified childbirth educator, midwife assistant, breastfeeding counselor and a mom. She’s also a US Army Veteran. She served our country as a field medic overseas in South Korea.

Dawna is familiar and comfortable with hospitals in the South Florida area, and out of hospital settings throughout Broward, Miami and Palm Beach. Serving as a doula she is often recommended by birthing centers, midwives, and obstetricians. One of her many passions is to guide and support women seeking to give birth by VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).

Emotionally, Dawna connects to her clients and their entire team (family, health care providers, nursing staff) on a level that provides comfort, even in unexpected situations. She is respectful, professional and non-judgmental of the caregivers you have chosen, the decisions you have made, and of your space. She will help you create and protect your birthing space. Dawna approaches each journey with the belief that your birth experience will empower you as a mom and change you as a woman. Most importantly to her, she fully understands what transitioning from a woman to a mother is about. She is a mom too!

Dawna draws upon her knowledge in childbirth, motherhood, experience, and continuous training to bring forth a positive and supported birth experience for you. She comes with several hundred birth stories to share, and an immense amount of love for the journey into motherhood. She will make you feel safe and loved with her infectious energy.

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